Tiger saves a little earthworm

A few days ago, during the very heavy downpour, a little earthworm had crawled all the way from the grass into the room.

Tiger came to the grille and kept calling.

Normally, when he calls from the grille, it means he just wants to come out to play, but when I opened the grille, he kept going back into the room.

Three times, and he kept trying to show me the little wriggly earthworm who was struggling on the floor.

We finally managed to gently lift the earthworm and put it back onto the grass.

Tiger’s mission was accomplished!


Tiger, you are such a good boy!

Tiger’s seizures have all stopped now. It is such a relief. But our boy’s battles are not over yet. Shortly after the seizures stopped, he developed skin lesions on his flank (the places he used to bite). I was very worried if the lesions were fungal, but thank goodness they were not. The vet checked; it’s a bacterial infection and he is now on antibiotics. Being FIV+, he would need a longer time to heal. We dearly hope Tiger can recover from these skin lesions.

One thing after another…that’s life, sometimes.


6 comments to Tiger saves a little earthworm

  • Chen

    Tiger is better than many many many many many humans. Give him a treat!

  • Austmon lee

    i lost a similar cat, on the same night. My area is usj 5, subang jaya. Looks the same, but female.contact me at 016-6925384.

  • Emma

    I have the same problem with Toby too. Vet recommended cleaning the lesions with saline solution.

    • chankahyein

      Hi Emma, I wonder if it has anything to do with the hyperesthesia (seizures) since Toby has them too….

  • Emma

    The lesions are caused by his constant bite and nibble at the particular area which becomes infected, a pre- cursor to the seizures. He had an episode yesterday.

    • chankahyein

      Hi Emma, Tiger’s seizures have stopped for now. The lesions are at the area where he used to bite (last time), but the vet checked yesterday and it is fungal now. So Tiger is on an anti-fungal as well. *Sighs* One thing after another…