Tiger’s skin lesions

I noticed the skin lesions on 29th October 2016 and quickly took Tiger to the vet to a check-up. The vet said to clean the lesions and apply iodine. I was worried about sporotrichosis, but the vet said it didn’t look like it.

After one week of applying iodine, there was no improvement, so we took Tiger to the vet who treated him for sporotrichosis in April 2014. It was a relief when the vet examined it closely (smear impressions) and assured me it wasn’t sporotrichosis. Tiger was given antibiotics as the lesions had a lot of bacteria on them.

Now, one week has passed and there seem to be no improvement too. The vet also suggested rubbing virgin coconut oil on the lesions, but that didn’t seem to help either.

So we took Tiger back to the vet today and smear impressions were taken again. This time the vet saw fungus (but it’s not sporo, thank goodness).

So, now, we have added Itraconazole (which is Sporanox) to address the fungal problem and we will continue with the antibiotics. Hopefully, with the addition of this anti-fungal, Tiger will recover. To be on the safe side, I will be giving him liver supplementation as well (Liv-52).


Tiger at the vet’s today.

The lesions are mostly on the flank, where he used to bite last time.



Tiger’s appetite is good and he is active, as usual.

Being FIV+, healing might take time. There is also a possibility that this might be an auto-immune reaction (actually, the possibilities are too many because of his immune-compromised condition), so for now, we will stop the immune boosters first, at least for a week.


Sometimes the lesions look red and sometimes, less inflamed. They are mostly superficial. There has been no improvement so far, so I really hope the antifungal will work this time.


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