Brown songkety foldable bag

We thank Agnes’ friend for ordering this brown songkety bag.


These bags are made from the “sample pieces” of cloth that my mum bought sometime ago. Each piece is just enough to make one small bag, so that makes every bag totally unique!


I get a thrill out of being able to maximise the cloth so that wastage is reduced to a barest minimum. See the two squares cut out? I even unpick these and make use of them to extend the handles.


The handles aren’t long enough, so I extend them with those two square pieces. And this makes the handles the perfect length!

mini-P2040630 mini-P2040624

And after completing the bag, here’s all that’s left of the cloth – just this one tiny piece! What a thrill!

Currently, we don’t have the above songkety cloth anymore, but we have the ones below, which I bought recently. If you are interested to have them made into bags, please write to me at




Jessy ordered 16 large bags and 2 small ones, so it’s back to the sewing machine…

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