14 large bags – finished!

Jessy ordered 14 large bags on behalf of her cousin, Lim Zing Zing. All Hello Kitty bags too!

I finally finished sewing all the 14 large bags today….

mini-P2060629 mini-P2060630 mini-P2060631 mini-P2060632 mini-P2060633 mini-P2060634 mini-P2060638

Plus two more medium bags (Enchanted Castle), and also one Mickey blanket.

49 50


We thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his very kind donation of RM1316 for all these plus another Mickey blanket (which my mum is sewing now)!

I have another 29 bags to sew….!!  Keep ’em coming, please!  It’s all for the animals!

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