Atomy products for fundraising!

As announced on 11th Jan 2017, we have sourced new household products for fundraising. The products are from Atomy, Korea. The company launched its products for the Malaysian market in November last year.

Since it has just been launched, the range of products is still growing.

Please click on this to view the available products:

As you can see, the products are reasonably priced and are also very quickly sold out (!) but they replenish stock as quickly too.

Here are some of their very popular products:


(Prices quoted are the non-member prices)

Here’s how you can help to support us:

A. Join as a member under us (please!) and buy at discounted member prices. Later, we might get commissions as the business grows and these commissions go to our Fund. That’s looking at the long term. View the simple business plan: atomy the simple plan.

B. Do not join as a member, but buy the products from us at non-member prices. The profits go to our Fund. This is for the short term and long term.

Either way, you are still supporting us. For (B), courier charges apply for purchases less than RM350. The products will be couriered to you for your convenience.

We are hoping that this can bring in funds on a regular basis and hopefully, for the long term too.

Please help us forward this to family and friends.

Thank you very much!

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