Bags, bags, more bags!

Just a side story, I have been having this persistent cough for THREE weeks now with fever every few days.  So, my sewing hours have been limited to day time only…(*sighs*).  If you know of any cures, please do leave a comment. I’ve tried “everything” recommended. It just won’t go away…

Back to happier news, I’ve completed another 4 bags, ordered by Wong Pei Pei, and we thank Ms Wong very much for her kind donation of RM110 to our Fund!

The first two are Large and the last two are Small. All from the fabric donated by Jessy Kek and son!

mini-P2090637 mini-P2090638 mini-P2090639 mini-P2090640 mini-P2090641

Ready for delivery!

We want to thank everyone, once again, for your kindness in always paying upfront once the order is made. Your donation will be used immediately for our ongoing cases. Thank you!!

Keep the orders coming, please! My mum is helping to sew as well.

Foldable Bags all sizes latest

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