Cloth and more cloth (for bags)!

Today, we received an order for 10 more small bags!

Coincidentally, Jessy had gone to the textile shop to hunt for cloth and look at what she bought!!

mini-16699798_10154324711176659_875023508_n70 metres of cloth for us to sew bags!!

I think those batik fabric are simply beautiful! Thank goodness Jessy “borong” the songkety cloth too. I think they have already run out at the Subang Jaya branch.

So, this evening, I quickly went to the Subang Jaya branch and true enough, the songkety cloth had all been sold except for the blue one.  But I saw other batik and suitable cloth, so I bought these:

mini-P2120641 mini-P2120642

I think these two are simply beautiful. The red one would have been excellent as Chinese New Year bags, right?


Classic old-school batik. Love them!


The chief supervisor approves!


The assistant too.


So the worker can start work now…

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