Five bags up for sale…any takers?

Further update: Jessy will buy 4 of the bags below (the Hello Kitty ones), leaving only the purple on available.  Anyone interested?

Update: All sold!!!  Hooray!  Mr “Polar Bear” has banked in the money and is re-donating it back to us for fundraising. So….the bags are still available at RM20 each, if you’re interested.  Please let me know:

The original post:

These five bags were ordered before Chinese New Year and the person who ordered them said he wanted to use them as “angpows” . So, despite my father’s wake and funeral, I rushed them in time for him (to distribute as “angpows”).

After three reminders, unfortunately, no payment had been received, so since it was Chap Goh Meh yesterday (marking the end of Chinese New Year), I guess the bags don’t serve their purpose anymore.

Would anyone like to buy them up?  RM20 each (all small sized).

mini-P1290652 mini-P1290653 mini-P1290654 mini-P1290655 mini-P1290657

Thank you!

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