More foldable bags!

The following foldable bags have been sold!!

Thank you very much, Mr Ooi In Haw, for your very kind donation!


These four small bags were sewn during CNY for someone who ordered but he did not pay up after three reminders, so we are thankful that Mr Ooi decided to buy them up!


Eight medium bags – all Hello Kitty cloth.

Below are 10 large bags, all cloth donated by Mr Ooi too!

mini-P2230661 mini-P2230662 mini-P2230663 mini-P2230664 mini-P2230665 mini-P2230666 mini-P2230667 mini-P2230668 mini-P2230669 mini-P2230670

If you’d like to order any bags, please do write to me at We have a very large variety of fabrics for you to choose from.

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