Bag orders!

We wish to thank Mr Ooi In Haw and Dr Veeranoot for ordering our foldable bags, in support of our work. When you order our home-made items, 100% of your donations go directly to the animals (because all costs are absorbed by us and/or friends who donate the material). Thank you so much!

Here are bags ordered by Mr Ooi In Haw:

mini-P2260705 mini-P2260706 mini-P2260707 mini-P2260708 mini-P2260709 mini-P2260710

These are ordered by Dr Veeranoot as gifts to friends at the temple:

mini-P2260711 mini-P2270699

All cloth donated by Mr Ooi, workmanship by my mum and me.

Mr Ooi also donated Disney Tsum Tsum fabric:


We can make many, many bags from this lot!

If interested, please write to me at

For Jan and Feb, we did not have to dig into our reserves!
Yay!!  Thank you very much for your kind support!

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