Small foldable bags available – all bought!

Update: Many thanks to Mr Ooi – he has bought up all the bags!!

The original post:

#BebasPlastik is going to be a way of life for us (hopefully, it will be!).

So, would you like to purchase our small foldable bags as gifts for friends and loved ones? It would be a meaningful gift as you’d be encouraging more people to use cloth bags and at the same time, contribute to our Neutering Fund for street animals.

The bags are priced at RM20 each (by donation). We will ship for free.  Minimum purchase is 2 pieces.

Each bag measures approx 13 in by 17 in.

Please write to me at for enquiries.

All cloth are contributed, mostly by Mr Ooi In Haw, and workmanship is from my mum and me. Three of the designs are contributed by Jennifer Chai.

For the first 5 designs, we currently have two of each. The rest are unique. But we still have plenty of cloth to sew any if you like multiple pieces from the same fabric.



mini-P3070711 mini-P3070708 mini-P3070710 mini-P2260712 mini-P2260713 mini-P2260715 mini-P2260718 mini-P2260719 mini-P2260720 mini-P2260721 mini-P2260722 mini-P2260723 mini-P2260724 mini-P2260725 mini-P2270700 mini-P2270701 mini-P2270702 mini-P3070697 mini-P3070699 mini-P3070701 mini-P3070704 How to Fold our Bags

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