Rosie (Day 22)

In the middle of last night, Rosie woke me up to ask for food. I don’t know what time that was as I have been really, really tired these few days, waking up very early, but I offered her Tuscan kibble and she ate.  Then, she asked for more, so she ate a second time.

This morning, Rosie asked for Tuscan again. It looks like I have to keep changing the food to keep her interested.

Right now, we have the following for Rosie:

Kibble: Go!, Iskhan and Tuscan.

Wetfood: Monge, Cindy’s, Natural Balance, Avoderm, Primal (also eaten dry), RC’s Recovery, Applaws, home-cooked.

Treats: Kit Cat, Ciao (very handy for giving medicines and supplements).

Rosie and me mini-IMG20170312070231 mini-IMG20170312070241

This morning, we took Rosie for subcut.


I thought she might feel more comfortable sitting with me, but she preferred to be in the carrier.


We learnt how to do it ourselves with the guidance of the vet.

Rosie is very well-behaved. But I suppose at home, we would need two people to do it as she might struggle.

The vet-acupuncturist felt her pulse and it’s still the same. After all, it’s only been two days. We are really hoping that a combination of western and eastern would help Rosie.

mini-2ae3f6d1-3ce2-45e0-a299-0dee4f05aa57 mini-7d38192b-44ca-45aa-a3c1-8d2e147904c7

Back from subcut. Rosie drank a lot of water.


I bought this for Rosie too.

Of course I know you could use the live wheatgrass, but I’m a little phobic ever since Tabs reacted negatively to the live wheatgrass that almost cost her her life (twice). At that time, the vet and I surmised that perhaps there was some fungus in the soil which caused the wheatgrass to be toxic or as much as Tabs loves wheatgrass so much, she had an allergic reaction to it? We’ll never know, but that has made me a little phobic in trying it again.

This afternoon, I bought fresh ikan kembung and ikan sardin and steamed it for all the cats. Rosie didn’t want to eat it, but when force-fed, she seemed to like it a lot. I also syringed up the “fish soup” and gave it to her from the syringe.

These are all the treats lined up for Rosie (very useful in giving medicines and supplements):

mini-P3120742 mini-P3120743

I asked the vet if we should give Rosie EPO for her blood, but the vet says good nutrition (high and quality protein) is still better.

One day at a time.

Every time that Rosie is willing to eat is a great blessing.

3 comments to Rosie (Day 22)

  • Diana

    Dear Dr. Chan,

    Greeting to you and your family (cat 🙂 ).

    Just want to check with you on the Kit Cat Treat, where do you but it and how much will be the price.


  • Diana

    Dear Dr. Chan,

    Greeting to you and your family (cat 🙂 ).

    Just want to check with you on the Kit Cat Treat, where do you but it and how much will be the price.

    Thanks and best regards.


    • chankahyein

      Hi Diana,

      We are selling it to raise funds at RM8.50 per 4 tubes. I’ve enquired from the supplier and you can also get it from pet stores, but I don’t know which pet stores carry it.

      Thank you.