A rescue and rehome case

More than a week ago, my friend shared the news that a mother-cat had given birth at the stairs of some shoplots. My friend provided food for the mother-cat and ensured the whole family was safe.

We asked our friends if anyone would be willing to adopt the whole family and thankfully, one of our friends agreed to take in the whole family!

So, everything was arranged.

But like in any movie, there would be a sudden twist.

One day before the adoption was to take place, the mother-cat took all the kittens away!

Oh dear….

I heard the news and remembered that mother-cats switch places every 5 days – it’s a safety precaution and I had forgotten to alert my friend about this. So I suggested that she wait for the mother-cat to return for food, then follow the mother-cat discreetly to see if she would lead her to the kittens.


The mother-cat did return to eat…


But she decided to sit and stay after eating.


She’s so sweet, isn’t she?

So, my friend didn’t get to follow the mother-cat back to her kittens. I thought it might take another 5 days before she would move her kittens again. But what do you know?

The mother-cat brought the whole family back that afternoon itself!


Four kittens – all back, safe and sound.


Not taking anymore chances – in a cage.


This morning, the whole family went to their new forever home!

All’s well that ends well.

My friend (the rescuer) is going to provide food (for life) and sponsor all medical treatment, vaccinations and the neutering of the whole family.

This is really “working together for the animals”!

We thank everyone involved for the successful rescue and rehoming of this family and wish the family all the best in their new home!