Rosie (Day 29)


Rosie ate a wee little bit on her own this morning. Just a little bit.

She is often intimidated by a crowd, feline or human.

But Heidi, Tabs and Tiger live in the “rest of the house” now, so the moment they hear the sound of kibble, they will come upstairs.


For medicine and supplements, I have to use wetfood. So, this also ensures Rosie has at least five wetfood meals in a day. Because of the TCM herbs, I divide the meds/supplements sessions into five times per day.

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Subcut this evening.

mini-IMG20170319154133 Capture mini-IMG20170319154917

Taking a nap after the subcut.


The vets have all said that recovery from liver disease takes a very long time.

As long as there is some progress, we are already very, very thankful, especially given that Rosie is FIV+.

Ever since starting treatment, we have noticed that Rosie would improve the moment we introduce something new, then, it goes back to what it was. It is almost like, “One step forward, one step backward” each time. I can only hope that the one step forward is bigger than the one backward. One of the vets also told me to expect that Rosie’s appetite will fluctuate throughout this period. It’s not like other illnesses whereby the moment appetite improves, we should see recovery very soon – it isn’t like that for liver diseases.

Patience, adherence to treatment, consultation with Rosie’s four vets, adjustment of meds/supplements and lots of tender loving care – hopefully we will get out of the woods.

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