Foldable bags with and without lining (fundraising)

One of our readers, Merlinda, requested for our foldable bags with lining.

mini-P3190716 mini-P3190717

Fabric donated by Mr Ooi In Haw.

mini-P3190718 mini-P3190719

My mum sewed both bags. Adding a lining is exactly like sewing two bags and joining them together. Hence, the price will be double.

We thank Merlinda very much for her kind donation of RM100 for these two bags.

Foldable bags without lining:
Small (13 by 17): RM20
Medium (15 by 18): RM25
Large (18 by 22): RM35

Foldable bags with lining:
Small RM40
Medium RM50
Large RM70

How our funds are used:

Mr Ooi has donated more than FORTY different types of beautiful fabric for us to make foldable bags (and blankets) to raise funds. We thank Mr Ooi very much for his generosity! If you are interested in our foldable bags (with or without lining), please write to me at and choose your fabric.

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Use cloth bags!!

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