Hobo bags for fundraising!

Updates: All sold out except for the Pink Giraffe!!  Thank you very much!!  We also have orders for 10 more hobo bags to be sewn using the cloth that Mr Ooi has donated (lining will be either the same material as the bag or a different material). If anyone is interested, please do write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Thank you for the great support!

The original post:

Anyone interested in hobo bags?

It’s very handy for shopping because you sling it across your body (leaving your hands free) and it’s big enough to put many things. Why, you can even carry a small (well-behaved) cat or dog in it!

More than a week ago, one of our readers donated 15 pieces of absolutely beautiful and quality material for us to make hobo bags and she also bought unbleached cotton for the lining. According to her, hobo bags are sold for about RM100 so she hopes we can sell them at this price and raise some much-needed funds. Yes, application for claims is picking up after Jan and Feb – that’s good, but we need ample funds to sustain it.

How our funds are used: https://myanimalcare.org/category/cnrm/

We thank our reader very, very much for her generosity and thoughtfulness in sourcing such beautiful cloth for this project and giving my mum and I a chance to learn to sew something new!

My mum didn’t know how to make hobo bags, so I searched the internet and found images:


We adjusted the measurements to suit Asian size.


We tried with this strawberry cloth first – by the way, this strawberry one is for sale too! Trust my mum to be able to make anything out of cloth!

The reader who donated the cloth wanted four bags from her fabric, so mum completed all four today…

1 2 mini-P3190720

All bags are lined with this unbleached cotton cloth.

We thank the donor very much for her generous donation of RM1200 for these 4 bags, besides donating all the cloth to us.

Sewing a lining is like sewing another bag, actually.


The base is 5 in.

There is a big button too.


The height of the bag is 12 in.


The width of the bag is 17 in.


The total vertical length of the bag is 34 in (adjusted for our Asian height).


It can be folded too!!

Here’s all the fabric (below) with updated orders:

mini-P3090728 mini-P3090729

The above four have been taken.

The ones below are available. If you’d like to order, please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com and send the image of the fabric (each piece is only enough for one bag – so it’s really unique!). Please write to check availability before banking in any donation. We will sew it for you.  For fundraising, they are priced at RM100 each (by donation). Thank you!


Cats and Owls – both taken.


Forest Blue and Forest Pink – both taken.


Dinosaur and Fox – both taken.


Floral Red & Floral Grey – both taken.


Brown and blue Giraffes taken. Only the pink one is left.


The lining cloth – it’s unbleached cotton.


Use cloth bags!!

We thank the donor very much for all these lovely fabric.

Thank you for your support!

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