Rosie eats (Day 30)

Rosie ate a little bit of kibble a total of 3 times today – breakfast, after-breakfast and lunch.

By now, we are used to the pattern – it’s all up and down. One day, she will eat and the next, she will not.


An after-breakfast snack



And because Rosie would only eat kibble, everyone else also had a kibble lunch. Rosie rules!

This morning, I was worried about Rosie’s bulging abdomen. Many days ago, this happened too and I rushed her to the vet’s only to find out that it was her liver being enlarged. Now, it’s happening again. I texted all her vets about my concern and the senior vet said to stop the subcut for today and see if the bulging goes down by tomorrow.


Rosie doesn’t seem to be bothered much about the bulge, though. She is cheerful, alert and more responsive than she was previously.

Clinically, she seems to be getting better. But the bulging abdomen is worrying. Let’s pray it goes down tomorrow.

It’s already Day 30.

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