Another cat rescue and rehoming

Sometime last week, Sharon contacted us about a pregnant cat outside her music studio and asked if there was any way we could help the cat.


The cat is very friendly too.

So, we asked around and one of our friends agreed to take in the cat. However, Sharon could not catch the cat at the time.

The next day, the cat was seen to be very restless and pacing all over the place.


It was time…and she delivered four babies.

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The fourth one, a black kitten, was hardly moving and could not find a teat to suckle.

Sharon quickly arranged for boarding at a vet so the whole family was brought there.

At the vet’s, the black kitten made it (phew!) and another kitten was born too. So, there were five kittens in all.


Yesterday, mother-cat and all five kittens went to their forever home!

I texted my friend this morning, and all of them are doing well. Mother-cat is very friendly to humans but very fierce when approached by other cats (she is just protecting her babies).

We thank Sharon for doing the needful and saving this family and of course, my friend, for giving the family a wonderful forever home where they will be safe!

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