Reversible bags (fundraising) and two more hobo bags

It was from the making of the hobo bags (with lining) that gave my mum the idea of making reversible bags!

Instead of doing just a white/beige lining which involves the making of two bags joining together as one, we could make two bags with presentable fabric so that each bag can be turned inside out and it becomes “another bag” (with a different fabric)!

Here’s how it works:


This is the bag sewn with the batik cloth.


Inside is the lining, which is actually a whole bag by itself, sewn with another fabric.

Turn the bag inside out and…


…you’ll have “another” bag, so to speak!

So, perhaps on some days, you like it batik and on other days, you like it floral.

mini-IMG20170321182230 mini-IMG20170324104731 (1)

All bags are currently sewn by my mum.

So now, our foldable bags can be done single-layered or double-layered (with lining).

Foldable bags:

Small (13 by 17): RM20
Medium (15 by 18): RM25
Large (18 by 22): RM35

Small RM40
Medium RM50
Large RM70

Hobo bags (all double-layered – also reversible): RM100

We will be using Mr Ooi’s cloth (lots of it) to sew all the bags, so you’ll have a lot of variety.

mini-P3240724 mini-P3240725We thank PC Leong for his kind donation of RM500 for these two hobo bags.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

To order: Please write to for enquiries.

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