Reversible foldable bags (fundraising)

Here’s another reversible bag, sewn by my mum.


A yellow batik bag.


The lining inside is green batik.

Now, turn it inside out….


You get a green batik bag!


(whose lining is yellow batik)

Our reversible foldable bags are priced at

Small 13 by 17 : RM40
Medium 15 by 18: RM50
Large 18 by 22: RM70

We have a wide selection of cloth (all donated by Mr Ooi), so if you are interested, please do write to me at and you can choose your cloth.

How to Fold our Bags

2 comments to Reversible foldable bags (fundraising)

  • Cheah May Lee

    I would like to purchase 5 small (RM200), 5 medium (RM250) and 4 large (RM280). I will deposit a total of RM730 into your PayPal or bank account, and pick up the bags anywhere either in PJ or Subang Jaya.

    Please provide me with your paypal or bank account information. Preferably Paypal account.

    • chankahyein

      Wow! We are speechless! Thank you very much, May Lee. I have replied by email. Kindly check your email box. Thank you again!