8 reversible foldable bags and 2 hobo bags!

We wish to thank PC Leong for his kind donation of RM1000 for these 8 reversible foldable bags and 2 hobo bags!

My mum sewed all of them.

The batik cloth for the foldable bags are donated by Mr Ooi and the pastel cloth by Agnes Cheong.

The fabric for the hobo bags and the lining is donated by an anonymous donor.

We thank everyone who has contributed!


Yellow and green batik.


Green and maroon batik.


Blue and yellow batik.


Yellow and maroon batik.


Red batik and pastel.


Red-orange songket and pastel.


Blue and green batik


Maroon and green batik.

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This is my 84-year old mum. She takes great pride in sewing these bags as her contribution to help the animals!

IMG20170321182230 IMG20170324104731

If you are interested in our bags (#BebasPlastik), please see below. Please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com and we will send you images of all the fabric we have (and we have A LOT!). 100% of your donation will go to our Neutering Fund for street animals. Thank you!

Reversible hobo bags


Foldable Bags for fundraising Reversible foldable bags for fundraising

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