More cloth for blankets and bags!

We would like to thank Mr Ooi for his kind and generous donation of MORE cloth for us to make bags and blankets to raise funds for the animals!

Mickey star peach Mickey stripe blue Mickey stripe peach Mickey stripe pink Mickey stripe turqoise

For Mickey Mouse fans, we have the above!

And the ever-popular batik too.

mini-P3170706 mini-P3170707 mini-P3170708

Purple diamond

And Disney Tsum Tsum below:

Tsum Green Tsum Peach mini-P3170709

And to complete the collection, we still have the below:

Mickey star blue Tsum blue Tsum red mini-P3280747

And Mr Ooi also bought these wooden buttons for us to make our reversible hobo bags!!

Thank you very much, Mr Ooi, for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

If you’d like to order blankets or bags from us (we have single-layered foldable bags, double-layered reversible foldable bags and hobo bags), please write to me at

Thank you very much!Foldable Bags for fundraising Reversible foldable bags for fundraising How to Fold our Bags

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