It’s legal for Malaysians to have pets in condos

This is not new news, but we are publishing it again for the benefit of those who might not know.

The news:

Before June 2015, Malaysian pet owners weren’t allowed to keep their beloved pets inside condominiums and apartments. They would either have to sneak them in, live in a landed property, or hope for understanding neighbours.

However, it was recently brought to the public’s attention that the recent amendments to the Strata Management Act brought significant changes to the laws in the country regarding the practice of keeping pets in stratified homes such as condominiums and apartments.

“According to By-Law 14 in the Third Schedule of the Strata Management (Maintenance & Management) Regulations 2015, pets are allowed unless they cause annoyance or a nuisance and pose health risks to other residents in the property,” lawyer and partner of Pretam Singh Nor & Co Datuk Pretam Singh was quoted as saying by The Edge.

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