The 3rd Rosie bag (small tote) and more bag orders

Our cats donated RM100 to AnimalCare for this 3rd small Rosie tote bag.

We have many orders for bags this season and it’s good – because from last month, claims are coming in again. Applicants who stopped claiming in January are writing back to ask if we still have funds.  Yes, we do.  We only reduced our quantum (to RM60/cat and RM100/dog from the previous RM100/cat and RM150/dog), we did not stop funding at all.

This is the black batik. Mr Ooi has ordered “as many bags as possible, of various sizes” to be made from this black batik.

The same goes for this blue and red batik too.

If you’d like to order bags, do please support our foldable bags.
100% of your donation goes to the animals.




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