Our very own “immigration” checkpoint

Ever since we wire-netted the house during Rosie’s treatment period, the house has remained wire-netted.

It works quite well for the present situation too.

Only one panel is wire-netted. So far, only Daffodil and Mr Zurik are able to make a high jump through this half-netting. Ginger is probably too heavy to do it. Heidi is not able to. Vincent is usually atop our cars in the porch, on sentry duty.

See the triangle part? That’s our “immigration” checkpoint. When Ginger and Heidi wants to come in from the patio, they go into the triangle and wait. We will then open the sliding door so that they can come in.

This, however, is only a temporary measure. We ARE (finally!) getting the second Stargate built. Codenamed Stargate2. We got our trusty contractor, Ah Keong, in last week and have already ordered it. Hope he gets it done real soon.

But a tinge of sadness, though. Daffodil, Heidi, Ginger and Vincent might not be able to go to the playground anymore. Yet, it is between keeping them safe and letting them have their freedom. But we will probably still let Heidi follow us to the playground for taiji sessions and take her back with us after that.

Coincidentally, something very unpleasant got circulated in our neighbourhood yesterday which compelled me to take all the PatioCats inside the house.

We need to get Stargate2 done as soon as possible.

The street is where they are born; the street is where they belong. 

That humans will eventually share this earth with animals and stop expecting them to BE like us, or to understand our ways remains a wish. A prayer.


I found Zurik bullying Tiger yesterday, in the kitchen. He cornered Tiger and started war-crying. But to be fair, Zurik is probably wondering why Tiger gets the special privilege of being in the house while he only gets as far as the patio. Zurik made a high jump over the wire netting and came in.

Zurik wants to be an only cat. He wants to rule, and used to bully Rosie. Now that Rosie is gone, he is picking on Daffodil and Heidi. The other day, he engaged in a locked-body fight with Daffodil and Heidi.

None of my friends are able to adopt Zurik. I would also have to ensure that whoever adopts Zurik would have to keep him totally indoors. So far, nobody can. Zurik used to have a home on another road. I guess he was left behind, so he ventured out and found our house.

When Zurik bullied Tiger yesterday, I had to stop the bullying, so I used Ginger’s Carebears blanket to cover him and slowly guided him out to the dining area. From there, I slowly directed him out to the patio, but he fought back, scratched and bit the blanket. And no, I don’t blame Zurik for being the cat that he is. He is super alpha and he wants privileges too. That is why he behaves this way.

In a multi-cat household, there will be hierarchy issues. We just have to cope the best we can.

A change of environment might do Zurik a lot of good, but I haven’t been able to find anyone who wants to adopt him and ensure he is kept indoors. Remember Wii? Wii was Vixey’s brother and after Vixey passed away, Wii was severely bullied by Cow and Bunny until he left home to live in the alley (in our old house). He only came back for meals and could only eat with Mac. He was such a scaredy cat. I had to rehome Wii, for his own good. And a very kind friend took Wii. The moment Wii entered her multi-cat household (with more cats than me), Wii took on the role of the super taikor! I was shocked, but really, Wii (our scaredy cat, bullied by Cow & Bunny), became the super taikor in another multi-cat household!

So, we fully understand cats? No, we don’t. And let’s not claim that we do. We just don’t. We aren’t that smart…not yet.

We can only love them, care for them and do our very best to ensure they are safe, they have good nutrition (based on what we know).

It took Cow ten years to be more mellow now. I remember in the early days, I was chastised too, by an animal-lover who claimed that I didn’t know how to “train” Cow. Well yes, you are right, madam. I don’t know how to train Cow. Maybe you could teach me how? Instead of chastising me, can you be more proactive and teach me instead?

I remember years ago, I met a professional dog trainer. He used to train the police dogs in a certain country (not our country). He told me he could train ANY dog. So we had a session and I brought Bobby along. Bobby sat beside me and didn’t budge at all. He observed Bobby for awhile and told me, “Nope, your dog cannot be trained at all. He is not motivated by food, he is not motivated by anything. He is only motivated by you.” Not that I wanted Bobby trained or anything. I prefer to let a dog be a dog, you know. Bobby had his own mind, that’s for sure.

Cow’s petting aggression has mellowed through the years. We can now pat him, stroke him, carry him without the fear of being bitten (or having to rush to the clinic for tetanus jabs!). But I still cannot feed Pole any pill/tablet. Even the vet couldn’t. The vet said she is the most “jumpy” cat he had ever seen! But if anyone can teach me how, please do write to me.

Cow is a pussycat now, to us humans, but we are still careful, though.

Once Stargate2 is up, Ginger will be able to sit at the patio again.

This morning’s breakfast was in the kitchen.

Zurik came later.

Only Indy can live comfortably with the Cow Family and not be intimidated.
He is the fearless superhero!

The PatioCats’ sandpit.
Tabs and Tiger were the first to use it.

Waiting for Stargate2 to be up!

To all animal lovers and caregivers of community animals, although the Royal Household and the Menteri Besar of Selangor have given their support for a more caring and compassionate community where street animals will be neutered instead of being captured-and-killed, our laws have not changed.

So, best to keep all your animals indoors.

Meanwhile, we still need a bigger voice.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
(Edmund Burke)

Animal lovers need to speak up.  But please do so wisely without endangering the animals under your care. Remember they are defenseless and we may not be available 24 hours to ensure their safety.

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