6 hobo bags for fundraising! – all sold!!

These 6 hobo bags were ordered earlier by the kind friend who donated the cloth. She has already donated RM600 to our fund for these bags, but on second thought, she would like to help us raise more funds for the animals by re-donating the bags to us now.

Update on 19th April 2017 – all sold!!  Each bag has raised RM200 for our Fund!! Thank you so much!

So, if you would like to purchase any of these bags, they are going for RM100 each (by donation). Please either leave a comment in this post or write to chankahyein@gmail.com to place your order.  First come, first served.

Thank you very much, to our friend and also to all our supporters!

All bags were sewn by my mum. The lining inside is unbleached off-white cotton.

Owls – Sold to Selina!

Pretty red floral (with white sheep) – Sold to Mr Manuel!

Owls in blue – Sold to kind donor, who gifted it to me, as a gift from Mr Zurik!!

Floral on grey (with white sheep) – Sold to kind donor, who gifted it to me as a gift from Mr Zurik!!

Giraffes on blue – Sold to Mr Manuel!

Giraffes on light brown – Sold to Mr Manuel!


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