10 hobo bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank Aida and Sally for ordering these 10 hobo bags from us. Thank you very much for your kind donation of RM1000 to our Neutering Fund!

Please note that due to feedback from the majority, we are now reducing our hobo bag dimensions to a height of 10 inches and a total length of 30 inches. The previous length of 34 inches proved to be a bit too long for the average Malaysian female. However, if you are taller than 5ft 3 in and would like the bag to be longer, please let us know when you order. We can adjust the total length for you, but the height of the bag will remain at 10 inches.

Here are the 10 hobos, all sewn by my mum. They are all reversible too!

All cloth is donated by Mr Ooi In Haw. Thank you very much, Mr Ooi!

Black Polka and Blue Polka.

Purple and Red Diamonds.

Blue Batik and Blue-Red Geometricals.

Green Polka and Black Polka.

Red Polka and Blue Polka.

Blue and Purple Diamonds.

Red Stripes and Red Chequered.

Red Chequered and Red Geometricals.

Green Batik and Brown Stripes.

Black Batik and Red Batik.

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