Children’s mini tote bags (fundraising and greening the earth!)

Our kind donor gave me this fantastic idea of sewing tote bags for children!

It all started when the parents of this little girl ordered three hobo bags from us. The moment the bags arrived by post, the little girl grabbed all three bags and said they were hers. But the hobo bags were far too big and long for her!

This gave rise to this fantastic idea of sewing mini tote bags for children.

I decided to use remnant cloth, patchworked, if necessary, since the whole idea is not to waste.

I used remnants from the first batch of linen hobo bags and created the following for the little girl. Our kind donor ordered seven bags for her – one for each day of the week, so that she will “release” the hobo bags to her parents!!

Above are four of them.

And here they are, in detail:

Remnants from the pink and blue giraffes.
Pink on one side, blue on the other, with matching handles.

I did some patchwork on this with what’s left of the blue and pink forest pieces.

This is my favourite – the floral pieces.

This is the pink musical cats.

The blue musical cats and stripes.

The owls in blue.

Forest and stripes.

We thank our kind donor for her generous donation of RM300 for these 7 bags and 5 tshirts for the little girl!

And her fantastic idea of making mini tote bags for children! Starting ’em young…

The same donor has ordered our mini totes to be gifted to orphans during Christmas!

P.S. Please allow us the flexibility of mixing and matching. The size is approximately 12in by 12in. Please also allow us some flexibility in the size as we would want to optimise the remnant cloth to minimise wastage.

All this sewing is really enjoyable…

…especially when one has feline assistants and supervisors.

Thank you very much for your kind support!!

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