Daffodil’s great escape – exposed!

So we asked Daffodil how she does it and she showed us.

We took a video of the whole thing and it’s uploaded here (please scroll).  Not sure if you can view it, though. However, here are a series of photos that describes her easy-as-pie-you-dumb-humans escape.  In fact, Daffodil says it is so easy, it’s kind of an insult to even call it an “escape”.

It’s more of a walk up the grille. That’s about it.

Okay, show us, please. We are video-taping it.

Son as spectator.

Watch and learn, son. 

Anyone else wants to see? Don’t make me do it again and again, okay, please? 

One big jump up…

Just continue climbing on this so-called “anti-climb”…ha ha ha.

Wait a moment before you continue reading, I (that’s me, the human) knew they would be able to climb and I knew the “anti-climb” was referring to humans only. However, I least expected Daffodil to be able to do it. Or, to be interested in doing it.

Pull up.

Effortlessly reached the top.

Then, she just walked and stepped (yes, just stepped) over the 45 degree inclined fence and stepped on the ledge.

That’s it.

I’m home free, you dumb humans. 

I already said, don’t try to confine me. I don’t like it.

Okay, Daffodil. We hear you.

Now, how to explain to you that there are unkind humans in the neighbourhood? They might call in other humans who would use nets, traps and poison. I guess it’s a bit hard to explain this to Daffodil. In the animal kingdom, animals don’t perform cruel acts. So, it might be beyond their understanding.

The video is here (am not sure if you can view it, though).  Can you?

Poor, poor Ginger.

Had to compensate for him.

Gave him a trip to what he calls “paradise”…

Ginger loves coming to Bunny’s Place. He thinks it’s an amazing place.

The only problem is that Cow and Bunny beat people up.

Cleo is good.

She seems to be the new CEO of Bunny’s Place so let’s hope she can change things for the better.

We just need women leaders, don’t we? Research shows that they seem to do a better job.

So, so happy.

And Tabs loves being outside. Very often, she begs to come out. And now, she can and I don’t have to supervise her because Tabs is not a climber.

I guess I didn’t waste all my money in making Stargate2 after all. Now, Tabs and Tiger can come out to the patio (with no fear on my part of them going outside the gate). Ginger, Vincent and Heidi are safe too. So, okay. That’s a consolation. But I sure wasted my money in making Part 2, though. It was supposed to stop Daffodil, but it was a total failure.

Sandra and Koo both suggested this:

Just cut two pieces of polycarbonate sheets and hang them down vertically from the grille. Yes, that MIGHT work.


It’s inexpensive too.

But the bigger worry now is: Will Daffodil be so stressed being confined that it might make her fall sick?

Granted, she used to live in our bedroom (more accurately, she used to live on our bed) and only came downstairs for meals and toilet. Now, she decides, she wants to go out.

On her terms.

Maybe she just wants to retaliate and prove that she is smarter. And yes, we concede defeat, Daffodil. You ARE smarter.

But let’s talk about safety as well….can we discuss this too?

After a few hours, I managed to talk her into coming back.

Ginger is the happiest.

Then, I decided to do the Indy-Test.

From the looks of it, Indy wants to use Vincent’s table and climb.

But he decided not to do it.

I don’t know why, though.

Indy zoomed around the house and made no attempt at scaling Stargate2.


Then, I thought I’d give him time and privacy, so I went out to the playground for taiji.

When I came back, after about 45 minutes…

Indy had taken out all my remnant cloth and played with it.


No attempt at escaping, Indy?

Tabs says she failed to make Indy stop messing with the cloth.

This was Indy’s March 2013 classic:

That was four years ago.

Meanwhile, I saw G-Cuz today. Looks like he is equally resourceful. His owner had constructed a small enclosure to keep him indoors, but look….

Cats win.






4 responses to “Daffodil’s great escape – exposed!”

  1. Chen

    The video works well. Yay! More videos, please.
    Ginger is so incredibly cute.

  2. Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

    Daffodil is awesome-ngiao!

    1. Indy Jones

      Bro Oreo, I take it that you KNOW I could have easily done it, too. Right?

      1. Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm

        Bro Indy, you’re the man, of course you could have done it. I’m sure you didn’t climb because you didn’t want Dr Chan to worry-ngiao.