27 batik tote bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw (once again!) for his kind donation of RM705 for these 27 tote bags.

The request was to maximise all cloth to the approximate small, medium or large sizes, so you will notice that the sizes differ a little and the orientation too. No cloth is wasted!!

These 27 bags were sewn by my mum and me.

Two medium light blue. Cloth donated by my mum.

Three small red batik. The one on the top left is a bit smaller (optimising the cloth).

Four medium.

Two large.

Red batik is donated by Mr Ooi.

Six medium blue batik.

One large.

Blue batik is donated by Mr Ooi and some by my mum.

Three small black batik.

Three medium.

Three large.

Black batik is contributed by Mr Ooi too.

I’m particularly proud of this piece – it’s patchworked to maximise remaining cloth!

Size comparison: Small, Medium, Large!

We have used up all these red, blue, light blue and black batik!

Thank you very much, Mr Ooi!

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