Daffodil’s day

We figured the “Super Daffi” costume is a teeny weeny bit too tight for Daffodil, so I shortened two of Tiger’s many tshirts and this morning, Daffi had a change of clothes. I also managed to apply to turmeric paste onto the lump.

Here’s our girl!

After breakfast, Daffi went upstairs to our bed.

Ginger accompanied her under the sofa.

I brought Ginger up to the bed with Daffi.

A moment.

Daffodil spent all afternoon upstairs until time to eat.

Today’s specialty is Primal Freeze-Dried.

But what I noticed is that Daffodil knows something is not quite right. Is it the medicines and supplements (for now, it’s the Clavomox and Denzo twice a day, Maximus Hep and Squalene once a day)? Is it the tshirt? Or is she simply reading my feelings?

And I recall what the vet said yesterday. He said, if you tell a human he has cancer and only has 6 months to live, the human would probably be depressed. For animals, they don’t know such details and they won’t be affected as a human would be.

What the vet said dawned on me, especially after we have decided (as the vet opined) that we will not put Daffodil through surgery as the harmful risks of surgery far outweigh whatever benefit it may or may not bring.

That being the case, we should not let Daffodil feel that she is sick. We should instead, try our best to maintain normalcy as far as possible.

A friend told me recently that animals may not know what we are thinking, but they certainly know what we are feeling.

Thinking vs Feeling.

So I decided, let’s maintain normalcy as far as we can and let Daffodil be happy. And normal.

By evening, it was time for another cleaning and meds. I used Ciao to give her the meds. There were no problems at all. She liked the Ciao. I then took off her tshirt.

Immediately, you could see the change in Daffodil (with the tshirt off).

Maybe the tshirt to her, means she is sick?

After the cleaning and application of the turmeric paste, we were going to put on a clean tshirt for 10 minutes (then we will take it off), but no, Daffodil resisted and pushed away.

No tshirts for me!!  

She suddenly felt “good” (Yay, I’m not sick anymore) and began climbing here and there.


With Vincent at his table.


Normalcy, as far as we can.

That would be the plan now.

Daffodil, Enjoy!!

Note: For those who are new to this blog, Daffodil has a huge lump at her armpit. It is a tumour. We do not know if it is cancerous or not, but surgery is too risky at her age of 17.


3 comments to Daffodil’s day

  • Charmaine Nyam

    Dr Chan, please do some read-up on lingzhi. It is a cancer fighting herb for human. I fed my cat this when she had pancreatic cancer…her tumuor shrunk after one month..even my vet was surprised with the results. U can buy lingzhi from Shuang Hor.

    Also for cancer growth, please refrain from feeding carbohydrates (cancer cells feed on sugar/carbs)…hence kibbles are a no-no as they are rich in carbs. Try feeding raw food or homecook food only.

    • chankahyein

      Thank you very much, Charmaine. I truly appreciate it so much.

      I’ve asked two vets now, about using Lingzhi (just to get an opinion). One of her vets is also a TCM vet so she might be able to shed some light.

      I’ve also consulted a nutritionist who is very much into herbs too. He’s also a pharmacist so he might know. He says applying sodium bicarbonate onto the lump has helped tumours shrink in certain humans.

      Shuang Hor is an online store? I went to their website and it’s for distributors only. I checked their products and there are three types of lingzhi formulas.

      May I know how much lingzhi you gave your cat? Is it in powder form or capsules? Which type, please (if it’s Shuang Hor’s)?

      I know Transfer Factors Plus Advanced has maitake and shiitake, so I’ve just given Daffi one capsule now.

      As for diet, Daffi is mostly on barf (raw food) and home-cooked, but she does like kibble (Tuscan is grain-free). She’s lived for more than 10 years at the playground eating kibble (sad to say, it’s the lower quality kibble) and that’s before we moved here. Lately, she hasn’t been too keen on barf or home-cooked, so I’ve resorted to Primal Freeze-Dried, which is also raw food, only it’s freeze-dried.

      Hope to hear from you soon, regarding the dosage of the lingzhi from Shuang Hor.

      Thank you so much.

  • Sandra Winata

    Kiss kiss to Daffi 😉