Patio stories and Daffodil’s treatment update

Breakfast for the PatioCats is a challenge these days, ever since Stargate2 went up.

Every meal, I have four zones to serve: (1) Patio (sometimes, this happens in the kitchen, if all are willing to come in and if there are no territorial issues, temporary or otherwise (2) Tiger (at the tv rack – he only comes into the kitchen if he is VERY hungry) (3) Zurik (right outside Stargate2) and (4) Bunny’s Place.

Daffodil has always been very motherly, and at the first hint of anyone wanting her food, she will walk away and give up her food. So, I need to watch them eat and ensure Daffodil gets to eat all of her food.

Ginger’s eating pattern is rather complicated too. He will only eat if Daffodil is eating (he must be able to see this) and Ginger’s best friend is Mr Zurik. He wants to eat with Zurik.

But now, Zurik lives outside Stargate2 in the porch (because Zurik bullies and attacks Heidi and Daffodil, but he gets to come in during thunderstorms because he’s as timid as a pussycat during thunder). So Zurik has his own water bowl and food bowl right outside Stargate2.

Ginger wants to eat with his best friend, Zurik, so I have to feed Ginger right inside Stargate2 so that he can see Zurik eating.

Yes, it’s all about psychology and devising a system that works.

Today, Heidi and Vincent kept going after Daffodil’s food, so Daffodil had to eat separately.

Greedy cat.

Greedy cat.

Ginger also goes after Daffodil’s food.

Had to feed Daffodil in three separate places.

We need a better system…will think of one soon.

Just so glad Vincent has finally found back his table (with Mr Zurik outside).

Meanwhile, the search for a safe treatment for Daffodil’s tumour continues. I am very thankful to Charmaine for her comment on the previous blogpost about using lingzhi to shrink a pancreatic cancerous tumour in her cat.

This morning, I searched for lingzhi and met up with the holistic pharmacist-nutritionist who inspired the product, Bioresis – an extract of Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6, a cancer fighting compound from mushrooms including lingzhi (ganoderma).

I’m certainly going to try what he recommended.

Turmeric is not in the recipe, but there’s no harm adding it, he said. A paste will be made using the ingredients above and applied to the lump directly. Then, we will cover it with the tshirt to let it be absorbed.

Bioresis is to be consumed as well. We did a quite calculation and the maximum dosage for Daffodil (based on her weight) is 0.375 pack per day (this is the maximum).  If I want to use capsules, I was advised to test if the capsules dissolve in water. Otherwise, direct consumption in a liquid form is preferred.

Normally, for human tumours, he recommends baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) with molasses alone as a paste, but adding Bioresis might work too.

There is also no harm in consuming Bioresis (a mushroom extract). The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work.

We have to try.

Disclaimer: The above is only a sharing. Please consult your veterinarian or a professional in cancer nutrition should your pet have a similar ailment. Every animal is different and has different needs.

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  • Yoke Mei

    I have 2 cages for 3 cats during meals. Mr Sammy the greedy one will always go for everyone’s food, even the dogs at times. So, i made it a practice that 2 of them will go into the individual cages during meal time while the last cat will be at the kitchen top. All will be at my feet when i prepare their meals, and once i turn around & say “come mumm mumm”, both Mr Sammy & BabyGirl will each run into their individual cages and sit there waiting for me to put down their food plate. The cage door will be latched until everyone finish their own meal nicely. This has made my feeding session so much more relaxed….