Simbae’s “Save a Pet’s Life” fundraising for myanimalcare

We are very honoured to be included in Simbae’s list of charities!!

Simbae is an Australian-owned online store (based in Malaysia!) which sells pet cleaning products (shampoos, conditioners) as well as pet-friendly cleaning supplies. All their products are cruelty-free.

The best news is, their CSR:

Now that AnimalCare has joined as one of their charities, for every purchase that you make, USD2 (which is about RM8.65) will be donated to our Fund!!

Note: It is “every purchase” and not every product.

To name us as your charity, please enter “myanimalcare” at the check-out page when you shop at their online store:

Please remember to enter our name, “myanimalcare”!

Thank you very much for your kind support!!

Thank you, Simbae!

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