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It’s been six days now, since we found out that Daffodil’s lump at the armpit is a tumour. Since she is already 17 years old and surgery is very risky, we searched for alternative treatment.

Thanks to a reader’s recommendation of lingzhi, my search led me to Bioresis. I met the pharmacist who inspired the product ( and Daffi has been on it for 4 days now – orally as well as topical application on the lump.

Bioresis is not a lingzhi product. According to the pharmacist, Bioresis is one of the purest extract of Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 (from various mushrooms, lingzhi just being one of the sources).

We accept the fact that it might take a miracle for the lump to shrink, given Daffi’s age and also that cancerous tumours take a long time to form before they are visible to us. But we are thankful that at least we found an option and even more thankful that Daffi is “super cool” about it all, taking it in bold strides (or maybe all animals are “super cool” about such things – they accept and live with it).  And I certainly wouldn’t dare to say they don’t know (I mean, seriously, HOW would we know that they don’t know, right?).

I think animals know a lot.

A lot more than we give them credit for.

And a lot more than what we know, too.

So, here’s Daffi saying “Hi!!” to everyone!

She has three tshirts. I altered Tiger’s tshirts so that it would fit her. The purpose of the tshirt is to cover the lump after we have applied the paste on it.

Daffi only started on Bioresis on Wednesday so it’s only been three days, a very noticeable change is her appetite. This started yesterday evening. She’s been asking for food very, very frequently. And she seems to be very happy and active too.

She is engaging a lot with us.

Daffodil spends a lot of time upstairs on our bed, but when she is downstairs, Ginger accompanies her.

The lump is located at her armpit. One of the vets did say she was worried it could spread to the lungs (or it might have already spread). The other vet said the same too, that it could have already spread. Cancer takes years to form.

It hasn’t been exactly easy feeding the medicines to Daffodil. On the first two days, it was easy, but now, she is fighting back. And she is VERY strong. It’s also hard to scruff her because she tightens her neck muscles (something that Cow does as well!).

Daffodil doesn’t like the taste or smell of the Bioresis (it tastes like Marmite, I tried). I encapsulate the powder to make feeding a bit easier, but a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times that of humans’, so the capsule doesn’t mask the smell. Also, since Bioresis contains Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6 in its purest form, the powder is very hygroscopic (absorbs moisture very quickly once exposed to the air). So, this calls for very fast and efficient capsulating process. Nimble fingers. Now, I’m using a plastic straw to transfer the powder from its sachet to the capsule, as fast as I can.

On the first day, I managed to feed 5 capsules at one go, but now, I’m down to only 3 each time. I also don’t want to stress her too much so pilling is kept to just twice a day.

She asks for food very frequently, though.

I consulted the pharmacist and he says yes, Bioresis increases appetite because it increases liver metabolism. I have yet to decide on the optimum dosage for Daffodil. The pharmacist and I used weight to calculate and since the maximum dosage for humans is 6 packs per day (for treatment purposes), by weight and proportion, that works out to be 0.375 packs per day for Daffodil. I am not sure if this is correct, because a vet used to tell me to give one-third of a human’s dose to cats. Now, we are giving one-fifteenth, based on weight (using 60kg as the weight of an average human).

I have an inkling we could be already giving too much, as Daffodil is asking for a lot of food. I shall consult the pharmacist again today. But luckily, the pharmacist assured me there is no harm in consuming this product. At worst, it just doesn’t work on certain cases.

I want more food!

With her increased appetite, I’m controlling the amount of food given. Small amounts each time.

Daffi is not in “costume” all day. The tshirt is only put on after we apply the paste onto the lump.

This is the paste. The original recipe developed by the holistic pharmacist only contains molasses and sodium bicarbonate. But he said I could add Bioresis as well as turmeric if I like.

Bioresis contains the polysaccharide Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 which is a cancer fighter, and it is extracted from various mushrooms including lingzhi, maitake, etc.

From the website:

    • It is scientifically proven that mushrooms possess the highest concentration of Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6; and has the greatest degree of biological activity, making it the most potent immune system enhancer.
    • In the Beta Glucan Family, Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6 is the most powerful, natural immune system enhancer known to science.
    • Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6 concentration extracted from yeast, oats & barley (fibre base) ranges from 7%-30%, while Bioresis medicinal mushroom Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6 derived from mushrooms (immune base) reaches >85%, making it the highest concentration in the world to date.

How does Beta Glucan enhance the body’s immune response?

    • Activate macrophages & natural killer cells
    • Find, identify & destroy foreign invaders
  • Provide ability to trigger components of the immune system

I also listened to Dr William Li’s TEDtalk: and am impressed with the results he achieved with dogs, a dolphin and a horse. He used a paste as well. For humans, he talks about the anti-angiogenesis diet (all veges), but cats are carnivorous, so I’ve written to to ask for advice. I dearly hope I will receive a reply soon.

Images from Dr William Li’s Tedtalk:

The good doctor did say that once cancer is detected, it is often too late for a cure. He was talking more about eating to prevent cancer from becoming harmful to our bodies.

Nevertheless, we still have to try.

And most importantly, our little Super Daffi is eating very well, happy and active.

#living-in-the-now-as-best-we-can – that’s all we can do in life.

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  • Charmaine Nyam

    Dr.Chan, happy to know that you are treating Daffi with lingzhi now. My cat takes up to 6 tablets of shuang hor lingzhi per day but she hates the bitter taste in it. As you have noticed by now, lingzhi makes them super hungry and they tend to eat non stop. This is a good sign, you will soom notice that Daffi’s energy level and alertness improves and slowly her eyes will become brighter 🙂

    Please remember to starve the cancer cells by NOT feeding carbohydtates, cat kibbles and grains. Also, when u see her situation improving, try not to reduce the lingzhi dosage as cancer cells do fight back ya…

    Finally, if u can..try to measure the tumuour size with a pincher and monitor weekly to see if it shrinks…