A sharing on the Golden Paste (turmeric paste)

In Feb 2016, we published this: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/02/23/the-golden-paste-recipe-for-your-pets/.

Agnes followed the recipe and has this to share:

A street cat that I feed at a street junction has many health issues. At first it was gum infection n 8 teeth were extracted. Then drooling recurred due to tongue ulcer. Various treatments including laser, antibiotic n steroids failed to heal the ulcer. Then I tried giving the turmeric golden, n this paste worked like magic. The ulcer vanished in just 5 days…no more drooling since then.

I kept him inside a cage in my house for the treatment. He was then released to join the community of cats I feed every morning.

The turmeric golden paste is a magical cure!!

The tongue ulcer.

Doug English’s Golden Paste: http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-recipes-golden-paste/

Turmeric of animals: http://turmericlife.com.au/doug-english-turmeric-for-animals/

Turmeric for dogs: http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-for-dogs/

Turmeric for cats: http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-for-animals/

Be wary of the side effects too: http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-side-effects/

Please also note this (from the website):

Remember, turmeric powder that has on average 3% – 5% curcumin (possibly a little higher in some batches) is effective and can be safely used daily for a lifetime in most cases. Always check first with your treating doctor if you have any chronic health issues, or if you have any doubts.

PLEASE NOTE: Pure Curcumin capsules, (ie. @ 95% curcumin) are NOT recommended by this website, due to possible liver damage.

An alternative point of view (it pays to be careful and to use in moderation): http://www.foodfurlife.com/turmeric–the-golden-paste—unsafe-for-cats.html


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