Operasi Gopher: Daffodil digs her way out

It’s been very challenging managing (and catching) Daffodil as the twice-daily pilling sessions approach.

She reads our mind.

She knows when it’s time for her pilling sessions and she’d run and play catch.

So, yes, it’s been very challenging.

After her “great escape” the other day (when she walked out of an accidentally-left-opened door) and a sojourn of 9 hours on the neighbour’s roof plus a few protest and victory stances (to show off), she finally came back on her own accord in the evening of the same day.

She rested on Sunday.

Then, this morning, we saw evidence of digging at Stargate2. Several rocks were displaced.

Yes, it’s not solid proof, I know.

How do you know it’s me??

But we suspect it’s her. But when did she do it? As far as I know, she was sleeping in between our pillows all night. Each time I woke up, Daffodil was right there.

Exactly, so how could it have been me??

Cats are empaths. They read our feelings and answer accordingly (in their own way).

We placed a rock there.

It was pilling time as husband had to get to work and so did I.

It took us about half hour to finally manage to catch Speedy Daffi and feed her her medicines (last of the Clavomox today). From now, it would only be Denzo and Bioresis.

Right after her pilling, she did it again…

Another attempt at escaping.

She scaled Stargate2 here…where the mint is.

She has never done this location before. How smart is she? Before this, she only used the area between the gate and the fence and she knows it won’t work because of the polycarb, now, she’s attempting at a new location.

But she didn’t get too high, and probably decided it was too much work. So, retreated and came down. We caught her doing it. Guilty as charged.

Zurik is right outside. He stays on the bench when he’s in the porch.

Daffodil refused to eat. I think she was too hyped up.

Still up to her tricks and wheezing around the house.

I thought she’d settle down already.

But, no.

After ten minutes, I heard the sound of rocks being moved.

Caught in action!

There’s the evidence, plain and clear.

Operasi Gopher. 

It’s Daffodil, all right.

I’m using whatever I have right now since I have to go to work soon.

She finally decided to eat.

You can see the determination in her eyes, right?

She’s up to trying again, I can feel it.

Cats, being empaths; they can read our feelings to a high degree of accuracy. Well, cat caregivers would have to learn to read a cat’s feelings as well….

Good luck, you-dumb-humans!

See? She’s going to try again.

I just know it.

What are you planning next, Daffodil?

Huh? This is my toilet. Now, if you don’t mind, I need some privacy….please? 

I’ve fortified it thus. Those are 2.5kg weights.

I wouldn’t be exactly surprised if by the time I return from work, Daffodil would be out again.

What are our choices?

Option 1: Put her in a cage (we do have another condo-cage). But this would be really, really stressful and demeaning for her. However, pilling would be so easy if she were in a cage (no more playing catch, which could also be stressful for her, wheezing all over the house trying to prevent us from catching her). Hmm…but I could also change the pilling times since it can be done anytime of the day. I’m giving her 6 capsules of the Bioresis in a day and I’ve been doing it in two sessions.  Maybe I can do it in three and catch her unawares?

Good luck, human! Didn’t you just say that we are empaths? You think that would work? Puhleese….

Option 2: Put her in Bunny’s Place (which is escape-proof even for Indy and Pole).

Hmm…another challenge, eh? What YOU don’t understand is that Indy and Pole do not WANT to escape anymore. Get it? 

But I do. 

But will Cow bully Daffodil? That is the question.

Which would be more stressful – in a cage by herself or in Bunny’s Place?

Option 3: Patience, be near me still. Maintain status quo. Maybe she cannot escape? She hasn’t managed to bypass the polycarb…yet. As for Operasi Gopher, I think that can be easily prevented….?

Did I just hear a cat laugh?

For those who are reading this for the first time, Daffodil is a former street cat (for more than 10 years). She came to live with us about 5 years ago but still maintained her freedom. Recently, someone in the neighbourhood circulated the council hotline for catching cats, so I had to bring all the community cats inside by constructing Stargate2. Daffodil also has a large tumour at her armpit which requires daily cleaning and medication. Hence, we have to keep her indoors. She has the freedom of the entire house (except Bunny’s Place, which is another zone for our cats) as well as the patio and garden, which is “pretty good”, in our perspective (definitely larger than the size of an average Hong Kong apartment for humans), but then again, for a cat who has had freedom for her entire life, she probably doesn’t quite agree. Letting Daffodil out is not an option because she is very difficult to catch and would only come back on her own terms.

We do still look forward to the day when street animals can live freely and safely on the streets.

For that to happen, we need lawmakers (a.k.a. politicians) who have the compassion and wisdom to realise that this earth belongs to the animals too and that animals have every right to live safely on it. Or, we need more laypeople to speak up for the animals and pressure the lawmakers to make laws that will protect street animals.

Or, just let animals take over the world, ya?

I’m a strong supporter of Planet of the Apes, by the way.

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