Beautifully handmade soap for fundraising! (all sold out)


All sold!  We thank Soak Peng and Mr Ooi for buying up all the soap at RM15 each!!

Mooi Yeng will be making more soap, in 6 weeks’ time!

The original post:

We would like to thank Mooi Yeng for her very beautifully handmade soap, donated to us, for fundraising.

There are 21 pieces all together and each piece is sold at RM15 (by donation). As always with fully donated items, 100% of your donation will go to our Fund for the animals.

Your purchase can be self-collected from our collection point at SS18/6 or shipped to you (shipping charges apply).

These soap will make lovely gifts!

Please write to me at to check stock availability.

Thank you very much, Mooi Yeng, for the lovely handmade soap, and thank you, everyone, for your continuous support!

Lemongrass Charcoal (3 pieces)

Serai Ginger Moringa (7 pieces)

Honey (3 pieces)

Honey and Oatmeal (8 pieces)


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