HSI’s efforts to stop the dog meat trade in South Korea

A few weeks ago, we applauded the Taiwan government for banning dog- and cat- eating in their country. Then, we heard that the Yulin government will most likely cancel the dreadful and dreaded Yulin dog-eating festival this year.

And we know that dog-eating is quite commonplace in South Korea. HSI is going all out to stop the dog meat trade all over the world.

This is from HSI:

What happens when a breeder of dogs for their meat wants to go out of business? He calls HSI. And then—with your help—we save his dogs.

The owner of a backyard breeding operation in South Korea has just reached out to us, hoping to give up all 14 dogs who would otherwise be killed for the dog meat trade. These dogs have been living in filth—isolated and unloved, bound tightly on short chains.

They are scared and confused, and desperately need a second chance at life. You can help them right now.

This breeder has been supplying dog meat for many years but has been having difficulty finding customers since the consumption of dog meat in the country is decreasing.

Our team is ready to act, but they need you.  Please help fight the dog meat trade and confront cruelty to animals worldwide with a gift to Humane Society International today »

We are so grateful to have you with us. Thank you so much for stepping up to protect dogs and all animals across the globe.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

And this is from us:

We CAN make a difference.

Happy Veggie Thursday!

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