Thank you very much (May 2017 donors)

We are EIGHT years old today!!

And it’s the end of the month, so it is time to thank everyone for making it possible for us to help 236 Malaysian cats and dogs this month!

Number of animals neutered this month: 236 (174 cats + 62 dogs) [an increase of 38%]
Amount sponsored this month: RM16,640.00

Neutering saves lives and is the most compassionate way to control the population of street animals. 

Recipients of the Neutering Aid:

We thought that with the launch of Stray-Free Selangor (SFS, by SPCA Selangor, in March 2017) and Selangor Neutering Subsidy (SENS, run by PAWS, in early May 2017), the number of claims we receive might decrease since Selangor caregivers could now apply to SFS and Selangor-born caregivers could apply to SENS, but this doesn’t seem to be happening…yet. On the contrary, our numbers have actually gone up.

So, what IS happening is that due to the publicity generated by the media by these two events and funds, more awareness has been created (which is a really good thing) and the number of claims we received this month has increased by 38% (compared with last month), with the bulk still coming from Selangor. We also have many more queries from other states as well, which is all, really very good.

More humans doing CNRM, more animals saved.

So, there is no rest for us. With more awareness generated now, we hope more people will start their own CNRM within their neighbourhood and should they need help, we will do our very best to provide funds.

We also have a wish, which we’ve had since Day One, that lawmakers will soon extend compassion to street animals. This earth belongs to them, too, and they have every right to live freely and safely where they were born.

But until then, the day when laws are kinder to street animals, we have to BE the change we want to see.

Please follow our work: or

If you would like to donate to help next month’s animals, we thank you so much.

This month’s donors:

Anonymous donors
Agnes Cheong and Mrs Yong
Ahmad Amir Kamil
Andy Koh
Anne Lee
Bella & Freya
Chim Siew Choon
Chua Eng Him
Cow, Bunny, Pole & Cleo
Daffodil, Ginger, Heidi, Vincent & Mr Zurik
Edward Lim
Evon Goh
Grade 2 ISKL Team
Ho Yuen Foon
IMO Panda, Blackie & Tin Tin
IMO Rosie (from Adeline Lim)
Ivy Yap Siew Moey
Jasmine Ee
Jessy Lian
Julia Chong, Premala Narendra, Irene Leong
Khoo Ming-Yi
Kok Khee Wee
Koo Hoong Lin
Koo Xuen Zhe
Kwan Pei Kuan
Lee Kah Leng
Liang Soak Peng
Liew Wy
Mama n Papa
Ong Siew Hong
Ooi In Haw
Panda n Gang
Peggy Tiong
Sia Jee Kei
Soh Ah Tee
Soon Wei Ling
Tabs, Tiger and Indy ‘Spidey’ Jones
Tan Hway Yin
Tan Lai Fun
Tan Phzi Chzee
Tan Tay Thye & his karma debtors
Tan Teck Kong
Tan Yui Ping
Wan Tai Seng






2 responses to “Thank you very much (May 2017 donors)”

  1. ying fong

    Dear dr chan,

    Congras, excellent job ! Kiss n hugs 2 u ♡♥♡
    Did I tell u before, u r my inspiration !

    U hv help me to neuter/spay a lot of strays cats ….I m bless & managed to rehome about 20 of them throughout my 3 years plus working in alor setar. Now I back in penang, I hope 2 get the strays cats behind my apartment neuter/spay.

    Thank u again & I sincerely appreciate yr help n dedication.


    1. chankahyein

      You are welcome, Ying Fong. Thank you for all your efforts too.