Price revision for Orifera VCO Soap and Monge Cat Canned Food

Update: The last 50 bars of Orifera VCO soap have been bought up!  Now, the new price is RM7 each.

The original post:

We have always tried to delay any price hike for as long as possible because we know this will burden our readers and supporters. But inevitably, we cannot keep absorbing the price increase, so it still has to be done.

The price of Monge Cat Canned Food (per box of 24 cans) was revised to RM108 effective 16th May 2017. Our price will be RM100 per box effective 15th June 2017.

For those who depend on Monge Cat but would like to try a more affordable brand, you may wish to consider Cindy’s Original (with broth), which we are selling at RM75 per box. Here are the few differences that we were informed of:

1.  Cindy contains 20% less meat than Monge. Cindy’ Original has broth (which is stock soup – may be suitable for cats who like soup and gravy). Cindy’s is grain-free. Monge has a bit of rice as topping because by European requirements, when rice is added, the tax is reduced. Hence, Monge is not grain-free in this sense (it has a bit of rice).

2.  Both Monge and Cindy come from the same factory and are subjected to the same high standards of production. The quality of the meat and fish is the same for both. Both are also cruelty-free products (not tested on animals and is dolphin-friendly).

Monge Cat Canned Food
Our current price: RM95 per box of 24 cans (subject to stock availability). BY DONATION
The new price (effective 15th June 2017): RM100 per box of 24 cans. BY DONATION

Cindy’s Original (with broth)
Our price: RM75 per box of 24 cans. BY DONATION
No price hike. Not yet.

For more information on flavours, please view

We also received news today that the price of Orifera Virgin Coconut Soap has been revised to RM7.30 (already effective at an earlier date).

We still have 50 bars left, at our old price of RM6 per bar. If you’d like to buy them up, it’s on a first-paid-first-served basis.  Please write to me at to check stock availability.

The new price, effective once these 50 bars have been sold off, will be RM7 per bar.

Orifera Virgin Coconut Soap
New price: RM7 per bar. BY DONATION

We thank you very much for your continued kind support!

We also thank Orifera (M) Sdn Bhd and Avant Pet Sdn Bhd for their kind support of our work. We do understand that price hike is inevitable and beyond our control, given the economic situation. We hope you understand too.

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