AnimalCare tshirts (stock clearance!)

We are have a stock clearance sale of our remaining tshirts!!

Priced at RM22 each while stocks last. I will be updating the number of tshirts left in this blogpost as orders come in.

Shipping charges apply for mail orders.

If you’d like to order, please write to me at, to check stock availability. Thank you.

By the way, we did not apply for a Pet World booth this year as we are extremely short-handed.  It is very likely that we will not be participating in events as it involves very long hours, we are so short-handed and I do have elderly cats at home.

As such, fundraising and sales of items will be done through this blog.

We thank you, as always, for your very kind support of our work!

Blue-Green Speak Up
Ladies 36 – 2 pcs

Blue-Orange Speak Up
Ladies 36 – 3 pcs
Ladies 38 – 6 pcs

Cartoon Red
Ladies 38 – 2 pcs

Thank you!!

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