AnimalCare tshirts (stock clearance – 9 pieces left!!)

We have 9 more pieces to clear!!

If you’d like to purchase an AnimalCare tshirt, we have the following (below) left and we are clearing stock, hence, they are only priced at RM22 each (by donation).

As it stands now, we won’t be printing tshirts anymore for a long, long time as it requires upfront payment to the supplier and it is very hard to predict the demand (on the sizes).

Ladies 36 – 3 pcs
Ladies 38 – 4 pieces

Ladies 36 – 2 pcs

There is a time and season for all things.

When we first started 8 years ago, tshirts were our bestsellers. It supported our work for 3 whole years. And during that time, small sizes were selling very well – Ladies 34 and Ladies 36.

Then, suddenly, nobody bought Ladies 34 anymore. We were stuck with stock, and had to sell them off cheaply to at least get back our capital.

Then, Ladies 36 sold very well. And all the while, Ladies 38 had been the evergreen. Always. And Sports (unisex) sizes could not sell very well so we printed fewer of those.

Whenever we print new tshirts, we cannot predict the sales and the demand, so we order based on the previous sales with the hope that the trend continues. But it doesn’t. So, that is the whole problem.

For this final batch, somehow, the Ladies sizes could not sell (this was totally unexpected) and there was a demand for the Sports sizes. We cannot order a small quantity too as there is a minimum each time an order is placed.

As a charity where liquid funds is at the heart of what we do (dishing out payouts every single day to supporting neutering), we simply cannot afford the luxury (and uncertainty) of selling tshirts anymore.

It’s very hard work and we certainly don’t have the luxury of making an upfront payment for the stock anymore now. And of course, the price keeps going up.

So, if you could help us clear stock (only 9 tshirts left now), we would really appreciate it very much.

Thank you so much for your kind support!

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