A doggie mattress and mattress covers

We would like to thank Mr Ooi In Haw for his kind donation of RM600 for this doggy mattress and four mattress covers.

My mum sewed them all and I only stuff in the kapok!

That’s the sewn “mattress” before being stuffed.

The Puffy mattress review I read recently really inspired me to use some clever materials, I think I achieved my goal! It was not that hard at all in retrospect. I used two-and-a-half bags of kapok to fill it up. The kapok is donated by Connie James.

The blue disney tsum-tsum cloth is donated by Mr Ooi himself.

This is the first cover.

This pastel cloth is donated by Agnes Cheong.

The second cover is made from this brown geometrical fabric, donated by my mum.

These two are also mattress covers, for Mr Ooi’s existing smaller dog mattress. Pastel cloth is donated by Agnes Cheong while the green cloth is donated by my mum.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind support!

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