Please speak up and end Bali’s dog meat trade

Here is the link:

If you are horrified by the dog meat trade which is worse than Yulin in China, please sign and share the link.

“A shocking Animals Australia investigation has documented Bali’s elusive dog meat trade — fuelled in part by international tourists.

Dumped in bamboo crates or plastic rice sacks, terrified dogs await the nightly slaughter with legs tied and mouths taped shut. They may languish like this for hours or days without food or water. One by one they will be brutally slaughtered in full view of their companions.

And business is booming. Year on year, seven times more dogs are slaughtered in Bali than in China’s notorious Yulin Dog Eating Festival.”

Please sign and share.

And this is for all of us to reflect upon:


The shocking abuse of Bali’s dogs begs a big question. How could anyone peer into the eyes of a puppy — torn from her mother and ‘bagged’ for slaughter — and not see a frightened individual staring back?

To a Westerner, it seems unfathomable that some people might see no ethical problem with consuming ‘man’s best friend’. To many Indonesians who have grown to love dogs as pets — the practice is just as unthinkable. But for the Christian ethnic minority in Bali, whose ancestors have eaten dogs for generations, the power of cultural conditioning is profound.

It’s nearly impossible to comprehend until you realise that wherever we live in the world, we are all victims of the very same cultural conditioning..

Before condemning those who kill and eat dogs, it is important to realise that we too have been raised into a society that has normalised the slaughter of highly intelligent animals — often in horrific ways.

Like those who see dogs only as ‘meat’, many of us have been raised to see pigs, lambs, cows and chickens as food, rather than as the unique and curious individuals that they are. Given the opportunity they too will ‘befriend’ humans and show love and loyalty.

Scientists now know that cows have best friends; sheep can learn to respond to their own name; chickens have cognitive abilities beyond that of young children; and pigs show empathy and can play video games designed for chimps…


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