20 mini bags (fundraising)

We would like to thank our supporter, DT, for ordering these 20 mini bags from us.

I finally finished sewing the last one two days ago! Hope they are in time for “sedekah Hari Raya” to the orphanage (as per plan) and more importantly, to encourage the use of cloth bags as opposed to plastic bags.

We are very, very concerned about indiscriminate plastic bag and plastic material disposal which results in killing marine life. Please recycle all plastic material or better still, cut down on the use of plastic.

The concept of the mini bags is to make use of remnant cloth and turn them into something usable so as not to waste the earth’s resources. Some of them are patchwork designs and they are at least 12 in by 12 in, but we maximise and optimise whatever cloth is left so as not to waste.

Here are the 20 mini bags:

Cloth from anonymous donor, for the earlier hobo bags.

From our stash.

From Mr Ooi and our stash.

From anonymous donor and our stash.

From our stash.

From Agnes Cheong.

From Mr Ooi.

From our stash.

From our stash.

From Ms Ooi.

The chief supervisor.

The worker.


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