Gold-D, a new catfood in town (fundraising too!)

Gold-D is a new catfood in town!!

And we are deeply honoured that the parent company in Singapore, AHA (Animal Human Alliance), as well as the agent in Malaysia, Feline Grace Enterprise, have graciously extended their support to AnimalCare!  Thank you very much, Mr Chan and Mr Gary Wei!

Here’s the website: (please check out their products)

It is a Peta-certified cruelty-free catfood whereby the products are not tested on animals.

To help us raise funds by purchasing Gold-D products, type in “animalcare” under coupon when you check out and you will get a 5% discount and we will get a commission from your purchase, which will, of course, go entirely to our Neutering Fund.

Shipping is now FREE until 31st August!

Here’s how it works:

The coupon “animalcare” is now activated and is valid until 31st August 2017 to enjoy the 5% additional discount and free shipping.
Upon expiry, we shall review the free shipping and 5% discount policy.
Just lock in to – all the products information and prices are there.
Choose and select the products you are interested, just
1) add to card
2) view cart
3) type in – animalcare – at the coupon code – and apply coupon
4) a discount of 5% will be automatically deducted
5) click – Proceed to check out
6) Key-in Billing and shipping information ( you can have a option to ship to a different address )
7) Choose your payment method ( either PayPal or direct bank transfer )
order is done and delivery shall be made with 3-4 working days.
Please remember to click here and enter the code, ie. “animalcare”, to enjoy a 5% discount, free shipping and help us raise funds!
They also have dry food, household products (pet-safe dishwash), fine fragrance for humans and pet dishes.
Please do check out their products.
We thank you very much for your kind support!!
The Gold-D story:


Gold-D is a Singapore cat food and product brand founded by an anthropologist and a psychologist.  AHA – Animal Human Alliance – is a animal lover lifestyle shop, We call it  Animal Human Alliance (AHA)because we embrace the idea that humans share the earth with animals as fellow beings.

Now available in Malaysia – represented by Feline Grace Enterprise

Gold-D brand is inspired by Ken Ken and Gold-D, a pair of abandoned and abused cat who were lucky to be saved by a Mettacats shelter, a privately run no kill shelter.

Ken Ken and gold-D were adopted by us. Because of this, we have special preference for partners who advocate adoption of pets. We are also supportive of local shelters and rescue groups.

Gold-D products feature animals who were once abused or abandoned and who later found loving homes. This is our way of promoting adoption over buying of animals.

Many of our Gold-D products were conceptualised in the course of caring for abandoned, abused, malnourished, sick or dying cats.

Our philosophy is to design products that are cat centric and promotes the health and wellbeing of cats in the normal course of their lives. We avoid ingredients and raw materials that may create or are suspected to cause problems for animals or humans.

Gold-D is also PETA certified cruelty free brand and we do not test our products on animals.

Promoting compassion to animals

We constantly explore ideas to promote compassion to animals.

We are not asking for everyone to be animal rescurers. What we want to do is to raise awareness of challenges faced by community animals. And to see community aniamls as fellow being and not a nuisance.

One of the ways is through our film production. These films serves as public education to promote compassion to animals. Our documentaries “We are not a nuisance!” and “The Animal Protection Documentary” are both in film festival circuits and have won awards internationally.

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