Cow got me

This time it’s not a joke.

Had to rush to the doctor’s and yes, I had to get an anti-tetanus jab.

Cow fought with Bunny this afternoon and by the time I got into the room and managed to stop the fight from escalating, Cow already had an injury on his paw.

I was alone and tried to clean it up. Managed to spray some antiseptic and applied a bit of iodine.

By the time my husband came back from work, I thought I’d do a more thorough cleaning, so I put the e-collar on Cow and brought all the first aid paraphernalia out.

Of course Cow was angry and as I was cleaning his wound, he clawed me and his claw nicked a vein on my right hand.

Right on the dot.

Blood spurted out like a fountain and the area swelled up.

Of course it was scary.

So I was rushed to the doctor’s.

By the time we reached the clinic, the bleeding had stopped (I applied compression to the wound).

But the doctor was worried because it nicked a vein.

I got an anti-tetanus jab, was prescribed antibiotics and was advised to go on painkillers.

If by tomorrow, it doesn’t look good, I’d have to go back to the doctor’s. The doctor mentioned a case where a man rescued a street cat and got bitten real bad. He had to spend RM10,000 on surgery for it. Yikes!

I hope Cow’s wound heals without the need to go to the vet’s.

Here’s the problem with Cow. He doesn’t seem to want to give Bunny any leeway for being almost blind. Bunny could have bumped into him (again).

Indy’s different. Indy understands Bunny is blind, so we’ve seen Bunny trample and literally walk all over Indy and Indy is completely okay with it.


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