A statement from 2nd Chance Animal Society

This news made its rounds yesterday:

(An update on 2nd August 2017: The online version has been amended as of this morning and 2nd Chance is no longer mentioned now.)

This is the hardcopy that was published on 31st July 2017:


The no-kill animal shelter, 2nd Chance, was mentioned and it issued a statement today, on its FB page:

To all animal caregivers, please do the needful to keep your animals safe.

It is very unfortunate that some humans react out of fear and ignorance.

2 comments to A statement from 2nd Chance Animal Society

  • Adeline

    So, what is the truth???? News report seems to mislead the public that dogs caught will be sent to non kill shelter such as second chance in order to cover up his cruel act??? Just wonder since when the Polis Diraja in Selangor’s job function had change to dog catchers escort rather than tackle other more serious crime in Selangor ??? or PJ is already crime free and Polis have extra time for it. Since When and by which authority declare PJ as rabies infected area??? If non why “This is an issue of public health and safety so the operation to catch strays will not be view as cruel but necessary”as mentioned in the above news report??????

  • Mimi

    This news report is very damaging and misleading the public! It sounds so rosy and good, oh stray dogs caught will be send to no kill shelther second chance,happy ending! But indeed these are no truth at all! There are no rabies in Selangor and why the need to harm, catch and kill all the helpless dogs? Why they targeted on dogs not cats? Don’t they deserve to live in this world? The method of catching and killing have been done and it’s not the solutions, TNRM is the solution indeed.