How mushrooms can save the world (a very powerful video)

The video clip:

Please listen to the message.

“How many people are not trying?

Nature is a force of good. Good is a spirit. Hopefully the spirit of goodness will survive.”

We hope that this short message will serve as encouragement for animal caregivers who are up against so many odds and negative forces.

Never mind them, at least we tried.

We often receive news from the ground. From caregivers who are so frustrated and on the verge of giving up, because caring for street animals is indeed, a very arduous task. The saddest of which is when we try so hard to protect our community animals and all it takes is one phonecall to the authorities. Just one phonecall.

We have to be very careful whom to trust as well. Sometimes, evil masquerades as good.

Hence, it is a very arduous task.

But we plod on, and at the end of it all, at least we can say: “If I died trying but I had been inadequate to the task…at least I tried.”

And that would be good enough already.

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