One of the new kids on the block

Ever since Stargate2 went up, some neighbourhood cats have tried to come into our compound.

This wasn’t unexpected, of course.

Ideally, if the PatioCats could have stayed in the porch to protect the territory, CNRM would have worked (as it should) and no other cat would have come within at least 2-3 houses from ours, just as it did in our old neighbourhood where our cats guarded the entire road.

But you know what happened which made it necessary to build Stargate2 and keep the PatioCats confined.

Yes, the animal-hating human factor.

What else?

So far, two cats from one of the houses down the road have tried to come into our porch. And three cats from Mr G’s house have tried to come as well.

Poor Mr Zurik, if he is around, would do his best to keep them away. Previously, it took the combined efforts of Vincent (as leader), Ginger and Mr Zurik plus Heidi (yes, she can be very fierce as well) to protect the territory.

Anyway, here’s one of the new kids who has been trying to join the patio.

This white cat has a collar, so she definitely has a home. I’m assuming it’s a girl, that is.

That’s Indy.

On another occasion…

Must be a girl-cat, for sure.

Hello there, you better go on home, kitty. It isn’t safe outside.

An update: “She” is a boy and belongs to Mr G’s house.

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